Terms of entry

Moscow International Business Association is accepting new members. Legal entities, i.e. Russian and foreign companies, may join the Association.

Currently, MIBA unites over 100 companies, banks and enterprises from 23 countries.

The admission and exit of members from MIBA are regulated by its Charter:

  • a legal entity may be a member of the Association if it has recommendations of two current members of the Association, adheres to the provisions of this Charter, pays the entrance fee and the annual fees, and is capable of committing to the aims and tasks of the Association;
  • the Executive Board admits a new member of the Association based on the recommendations of current MIBA members;
  • within 10 days after the Executive Board adopts a positive decision to admit a new member to the Association, the applicant must pay the entrance fee and the annual fee;
  • after the entrance fee and the annual fee are paid, the candidate is regarded as admitted to the Association;
  • the rights of a member of the Association cannot be transferred to third persons;
  • a member may exit the Association by providing a written statement.

Documents necessary for admission into MIBA:


— Рекомендация (англ.)
Заявление (англ.)